GTK, GTRK, GTB and GTS Eventemp Regulators for Large Volume Heating or Cooling Applications

1/2 - 4" Valve Sizes End Conn.: THD, RF
ANSI CL 125 - 300
Body Mat'l: Cast Iron (GT(R)K), WCB (GTS), Bronze (GTB)

Leslie Eventemp temperature regulators use a self-contained, liquid-filled thermal system that is completely independent of external power sources such as air or electricity. They use only the flowing medium as the means to operate, resulting in lower initial cost and lower operating cost.

These high gain regulators are especially suited for storage-type heating or cooling service, where they provide close control of the cooling medium. They find widespread use in semi-instantaneous type coolers such as compressors or engine water jackets, vat cooling, etc.

All Leslie Eventemp regulators are available with an optional calibrated dial (in your choice of F or C) for quick, easy and dependable temperature settings. The dial eliminates waiting for equipment to heat up before the proper setting can be determined and avoids overheating due to guess" setting. It is suited for production line use where frequent readjustments are necessary for process work. The calibrated dial replaces the standard adjusting sleeve.

LTC Duo-Matic Regulators for both Temperature and Pressure Regulation

1/2 - 3" Valve Sizes 

End Conn.: THD, RF

ANSI CL 125 - 600
Body Mat'l: Cast Iron (LTCPK), WCB (LTCPS), Bronze (LTCP)

Leslie Series LTC Duo-Matic Regulator design combines both temperature and pressure regulation in a single, self-contained regulator. Ideal for both instantaneous and storage heating where a maximum pressure limitation is mandatory and compressed air is not available.

Because the Leslie Duo-Matic responds to pressure changes as well as temperature changes, and because the two parameters are interdependent, these regulators actually anticipate a change in controlled temperature by sensing a pressure shift.

M Series Regulators For Small Flow Applications

1/2 - 1" Valve Sizes  End Conn.: THD
Body Mat'l: Cast Iron (MK), Bronze (M)

The larger G Series regulators described above are most useful in storage applications where on/off operation is satisfactory. The M Series provides a throttling function that is ideal for instantaneous heating and cooling situations, and for applications where over-range protection is desired. One additional feature is the ability to change an M Series valve from a heating regulator to a cooling regulator with a simple rotation of the regulator body. This feature is standard in sizes 3/4 and l inch.