Safety & Relief Valves

• 1/2 - 6" Valve Inlet Sizes  • End Conn.: THD, RF
• ASME Section I, IV, and VIII  • Set Pressures: 5 - 300 psig, 1 - 30" HG
• Body Mat'l: Cast Iron, Bronze, Aluminum

Leslie safety & relief valves are available for steam, air, gas, liquid, vacuum and powdered solids service. Brass/bronze trim and carbon steel-zinc plated spring are standard on most; some are available with optional stainless steel trim.

Applications include steam boilers, unfired pressure vessels, pressure reducing stations, dryers and pneumatic equipment, bulk hauling trailers and storage vessels, tanks and hydraulic systems, sterilizers, compressors, etc.

Mechanical, Thermodynamic & Thermostatic Steam Traps

• 3/8 - 2" Trap Sizes • End Conn.: THD
• Temperature/Pressure Rating: to 600 PSIG, 600°F
• Body Mat'l: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel

The Leslie trap line includes float & thermostatic, inverted bucket and thermodynamic steam traps suitable for a wide variety of applications including steam main drips, heating equipment, process equipment and converters. All feature stainless steel internals and several are repairable in-line without breaking connections.

Self-Cleaning Y Strainers

• 1/2 - 4" Valve Sizes  • End Conn.: THD
• ANSI CL 125 - 250
• Body Mat'l: Cast Iron (V77S), Bronze (V777S)

Leslie self-cleaning Y strainers are available in iron or bronze bodies and in line sizes that range from 1/2 to 4 inches. Standard screen perforations are 20 mesh 304 SS in the V77S (iron body) and V777S (bronze body) strainers, and 1/16 inch 304 SS for the V77F (flanged iron body) strainer. The V77F strainer is available to meet ANSI Class 125 or 150.

Leslie Airmate Air Loaders and Regulators

Leslie Airmate air loaders and regulators are stable, high-capacity units which provide exceptional accuracy over the entire flow range. These units are ideal for instrument air control and a variety of small flow (up to 35 SCFM) air systems.

Maximum inlet pressure is 200 psig, maximum operating temperature is 150¡F, and reduced pressure ranges are available in 2-30, 3-60 and 30-150 psig. Bodies are 1/4 inch die-cast aluminum.

Airmate Relays are recommended where volume boosting is required. They are fast acting, high-volume output 1:1 ratio transmitters that increase the speed of a control system. An adjustable needle valve allows control of signal pressure bypass rate.

Panel Loaders are available from stock with air loader and/or process gauges mounted on an enameled aluminum plate. Four predrilled holes allow flush or surface mounting on a control panel or console. These units can be supplied with an optional air filter connected to the air loader inlet.