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It is important to remember that the decibel (dB) is a logarithmic measure and when comparing the sound output of whistles, a direct numerical comparison cannot be made. A whistle with an output of 110 dB will sound about twice as loud (93% louder) as one with an output of 100 dB. Each 10 dB increase in output increases loudness by 93%, or approximately double. If frequency distribution, direction and air consumption remain constant, an increase of 10 dB in sound level would require the louder whistle to be twice as efficient at converting air energy into sound energy.


Leslie Co.'s headquarters in Tampa, Florida.


Each new stride in the development of industry and commerce has meant new demands on audio-signal equipment. Greater sound output with lower air consumption has been the continuing keynote for signal improvements in both the industrial and transportation fields. Leslie engineers have designed the most modern, complete line of air whistles available anywhere.


RS Series Air Whistles, indicate Leslie-Supertyfon or specify: "Diaphragm type utilizing a single leaf stain-less steel diaphragm with molded-on silicone cushion ring."


When ordering, be sure to specify Leslie whistles and to include the following:

Model and size of whistle (see whistle designation on chart), service or application.
Operating medium Electric.
Minimum and maximum operating pressures.
Type of operation — Manual, Manual/Electric, Electric.
For electrical operation, specify voltage available, A.C. or D.C., frequency and manual or automatic control requirements.
When ordering for industrial plants, include a sketch showing buildings, surrounding obstructions, area to covered, general weather conditions and prevailing winds.
When ordering parts always use part reference number from the applicable engineering drawing of the equipment, and quantity of each part.

Note 1- The selections indicated above are based on user experience as those found to be most effective for the application.

Note 2- Multiple frequencies depending on combinations selected.

Note 3- Ideal for ocean- going drilling platforms.


* To estimate sound decay subtract 6 dB each time the distanceis doubled.



Free field test with indicated pressure measured at whistle base.


Estimate based on spherical divergence and final ambient noise level of 70 db on flat, unobstructed terrain; wind, atmospheric and other local conditional will affect atual audible range.

R.S. SERIES AIR WHISTLE Single, two, three and five 
chime whistles

Single tone and chime whistles are available for marine use. Single tone and quad units are furnished for industrial applications.

Originally designed to meet the needs of the railroads for an extremely low air consumption unit with increased sound output and a distinctive range of notes, the Leslie-Supertyfon has proved itself to be by far the most efficient of all air whistles of any design. The unmatched performance and economy of the railroad Leslie-Supertyfon is also available for industrial and marine applications.

• Cushioned Diaphragm—A silicone rubber ring molded to the outside edge of the diaphragm eliminates metal-to-metal rub-bing and wear.

• Reliable Operation—Endurance test for over 2,000 blowing hours with no significant wear or change in performance.


• Resistant to Freezing—The new silicone cushioned diaphragm has been tested to -65°F.

• Lowest Air Consumption—Lower air consumption than other air whistles for the same sound out-put. • All Parts Standard and Inter-changeable— All Leslie-Super-tyfon operating parts are precision made and fully interchangeable in all whistle sizes.

• Sharp, Clear Signals—At start and end of blast, readily adapt-able for coding.

• Electrical and Automatic Opera-tion— May be fitted with solenoid operating valves or automatic whistle controls.