Pressure Reducing Valves

Leslie Super G Series valves are quite simply the best pressure reducing valves on the market. Available in versions suitable for steam, air and gas pressure and temperature control, they combine the simplicity of a self-contained regulator with the performance of more sophisticated control systems at a fraction of the cost. All Super G regulators have a very high rangeability (100:1 ) with no maximum pressure drop or pressure ratio limitations, and are very accurate over their full flow range.

Simple and Reliable

There are only two moving parts in the valve body, making for drastically reduced maintenance headaches. The main control component is our exclusive Spiroflex« stainless steel diaphragm that operates smoothly over the full flow range and is capable of longer travel for high flow capacities. This is

a long-lasting diaphragm with minimal maintenance characteristics. Another benefit of the Spiroflex« diaphragm is the ability to achieve total control with a minimum delta-p of 0.5 psi.

Maximum Interchangeability

Many replacement parts are common across the line, thus reducing parts inventory cost. And those parts that might need inspection and replacement can be serviced without removing the valve from the line.

An Unusual Three-Year Warranty

Leslie Class GPK, GPB, and GPKP-1 pressure reducing valves, when installed and operated in accordance with our instructions, will be repaired or replaced free of charge if a failure should occur within three years from our shipping date. (We cannot be responsible for special or consequential costs or damages.)