Class GTB Double Seated

1 - 16" Valve Sizes

Cv Range: 0.1 - 2760

ANSI CL 125 - 600

End Conn.: RF, RTJ, THD

Materials: Cast Iron, WCB, WC9, CF8M


In dirty, sticky, and erosive  applications, where cage guided valves fail, plug characterization, stem guiding, and balancing effect give  the double-seated GTB design the best combination of features necessary to succeed.

Since  inlet pressure exerts force on the upper and lower plugs, the forces are balanced. This balancing effect reduces the net thrust required to move the plug, allowing for  smaller actuators to be used in higher pressure drop  applications and resulting in lower overall installation cost and dimensional envelope.

Two Point Guiding
The GTB valve plug is supported and rigidly  guided by an upper and lower guide bushings. This two-point guiding provides exceptional stability and  minimal valve plug deflection even under high pressure  drop conditions, and allows precise control and characterization of fluid.

Field Reversible
The Equal Percentage V-Port, Equal Percent Contoured, Linear Contoured, and Quick Opening plugs are easily reversed in the field so that either a fail open  or closed action can be obtained using the same actuator.

Optional Extended Bonnet
Bonnet options include the standard bolted configuration and extension bonnet for temperatures below  32F (0C) and above 450F (232C).