Aeroflow High Performance Control Valves

1 - 16" Valve Sizes

Cv Range: 0.01 - 3100

ANSI CL 150 - 4500, DIN PN10 - 400

End Conn.: BWE, SWE, RF, RTJ, THD

Body Matl: WCB, C5, WC9, CF8M


The  unique technology of the Aeroflow begins with aerodynamic vanes cast into the valve body inlet and outlet. Inlet  vanes help divert incoming flow evenly around the cage,  minimizing turbulence and flow instability as well as improving flow capacity. Outlet vanes minimize turbulence  to reduce noise and body erosion. A wide range of  interchangeable trim options and custom characterized  cages provide the flexibility of many sought after  benefits.


Tight Shut-Off (exceeds ANSI Class VI)
Unlike competitive valves rated for Class IV, V, or VI shut-off, Aeroflow's pressure energized pilot balanced plug provides zero cc/min. leak rates, without penalty of huge actuators, even with metal to metal seats at full  body pressure/temperature ratings. Aeroflow's shut-off  capability is in a class all its own. The pilot balanced  plug design minimizes actuator size and cost. Proven  pilot design also eliminates the need for any piston seals to insure tight shut-off, greatly increasing the valve's reliability.

Parts Interchangeablity
With the exception of bodies, all parts are  interchangeable between globe and angle body styles with  the same size and function. Facilities needing various  trim designs in both globe and angle style bodies can minimize parts inventories, maintenance and training.

Tri-Sheer Protected Seat Design
Proven in more than 20 years of power plant service, Leslie's "protected" seat design protects  Aeroflow's superior shut-off characteristic three ways. First, the protected seat prevents high velocity  transients at opening or closure of the valve. Secondly,  a five-stage pressure drop occurs near the seating  position and last, the plug/seat surface is withdrawn from the direct flow to prevent direct particle  impingement or clamping. The Tri-Sheer allows prolonged  throttling at the seat without wire draw due to high  clearance flow velocities.

Quick-Change Seat Design
In 4-16" body sizes, Aeroflow's seat ring is not threaded, welded, or loaded in place by the cage. Seat  retention and seat gasket loading are accomplished with a stainless steel load ring and multiple silver-plated load  screws for controlled seat gasket loading which is  impervious to thermal shock.

Hung Cage for Thermal Expansion
The quick-change seat features a cage which is hung in the body. This allows the cage to expand freely through sudden wide variations in fluid temperature. This  tolerance for cage expansion solves the typical problems seen in cage retained designs such as cage warping, plug binding, galling, and crushed gaskets.

Custom Characterized Cage Throttling

Massive 400 Series stainless steel cages resist warping or deformation and provides plug/window throttling through closure. The flow window can be shaped to meet specific Cv requirements and system characteristics. This custom characterized cage is standard in our Aeroflow control valve line and is available with all plug/seat options.

Les-Cav Multi-Stage Cage

Les-Cav multi-stage trim is designed to throttle liquids with maximum pressure drops from 0-4000psi without damaging cavitation and resultant noise or vibration. Les-Cav is easily tailored to the exact requirements of each application.

Les-Sonic Cage

Single stage Les-Sonic cage can provide up to 25 dBA noise reduction in compressible fluid applications. When combined with a Les-Sonic Silencing Orifice noise reductions of up to 35 dBA are possible.

Mini-P Multi-Stage Plug

The Mini-P multi-stage plug is designed for low-flow high-pressure drop cavitating services. The unique axial flow design will control cavitation and the resultant noise, vibration, and valve erosion damage. The pressure drop is taken along the length of the plug in the milled slots and chambered liner. The Mini-P can be easily tailored to the exact Cv requirements of each valve application.

C3 Combination Characterized Cage

Special characterized cages can be designed for applications that require high rangeability, with low end cavitation protection or low end noise abatement. This flexibility allows Leslie to provide one valve where other manufacturers may require two, lowering overall equipment, installation, and maintenance costs.

Steam Conditioning Equipment

Leslie offers it's unique Aeroflow pressure reducing valve in combination with a state of the art, variable area, mechanically atomized desuperheating system. This combination system meets today's stringent requirements for control and turndown without the temperature stress problems associated with combination valves. We offer complete fabricated systems that include either Globe or Angle body PRV designs with noise attenuation plates (as required), customized trim selection and desuperheating equipment.