Quick DeliveryDBOY-3, DBOYS-3 and  DBOS-3
Single-Seated, Balanced Valves with Cage Throttling Trim

2 - 12" Valve Sizes

Cv: 26 - 1240

ANSI 150 - 600, DIN PN10 - 100

End Conn.: BWE, SWE, RF,

Body Mat'l: Cast Iron, WCB, WC9, CF8M


These Leslie control valves are rugged, reliable units specially  designed for use in steam, water, gas, vapor and  non-corrosive liquid service. The balanced  cage-throttling design permits these valves to be  operated with small, compact and economical actuators against fluid pressure drops up to 1480 psig and 800F.,  (subject to body pressure/temperature ratings and actuator limits).

Hung-Cage Construction

A unique hung-cage throttling  design eliminates gasket damage and bonnet or seat leaks  due to thermal expansion. Anti-cavitation (Les-Cav)  and low-noise (Les-Sonic) cages are available for  special situations. Cages and trim material are 400  series stainless steel with optional Stellite  hardfacing available.

Standard valve packing is braided Teflon graphite.  Teflon chevron and graphite type II is optional for higher temperature service.

Easy Maintenance

The cage trim is easy to remove for inspection or  replacement. There are no welded, screwed-in or press-fit parts. Capacity changes are achieved simply by replacing  the cage. There's no need to replace any other parts or add any adapters.