On/Off Valves

2500 Series  Electrically Actuated Valves
2800 Series Heat Actuated, Fire Safety Shut-Off Valves
CYS Pneumatic Two-way Valves

1/2- 4" Valve Sizes

Cv Range: 3 - 160

ANSI CL 150 - 300

End Conn.: RF, THD

Body Mat'l: WCB, CF8M


Leslie 2500 Series valves are 2-way, globe-type, piston valves. Direct, semi-direct, and pilot operated valve piston options make these valves ideal for use with viscous, dirty or clean fluids as well as light liquids and gases.

They are operated by an external lever connecting the lifting action of the linear actuator to the valve piston/plug through a rotary shaft. The rotary shaft principle creates a mechanical advantage enabling more force in operating the valve. It also allows stronger return spring action to ensure reliable fail-safe return.

FM Approved
The 2500 Series is FM approved for safety shut-off of fuel oils and gases. The electric actuator is FM approved explosion-proof (Class I, Groups B, C, & D, Division 1, and Class II, Groups E, F, & G), and complies with requirements for NEMA 4 watertight enclosures.

Fully Automatic or Electrically Tripped
In the fully automatic configuration the actuator has a "NORMAL" fail to (or shelf) position. When the valve is de-energized (on any loss of signal), it will "fail" to this position. Upon re-application of current the actuator will automatically energize and change the valve position.

In the manual reset, electrically tripped configuration the valve must be manually "latched" to leave the "NORMAL" position. Upon reapplying current to the actuator, it will "trip" the valve to revert to its "NORMAL" of fail-safe position. Momentary energization is all that is necessary to change the valve position, however, the actuator is rated for continuous duty operation.

Both types are quick acting two position designs. Speed of operation is less than one second, indepentent of line media.

Rugged, and Dependable
Because the actuator assembly is isolated from the valve body, fluid temperatures to 425F (including steam) can be handled without the coil insulation breakdown often associated with packless solenoid valves.

The slight arc of the rotary shaft offers superior seal life expectancy compared to reciprocating stem packing glands. The Leslie 2500 Series has what it takes for quick shut-off of steam or process fluids and gases.