3-Way Control Valves

Class GTW & DOT, 3-Way Linear Control Valves

1/2 - 12" Valve Sizes

Cv Range: 5 - 1078

ANSI CL 125 - 600, DIN PN10 - 100

End Conn.: RF, SWE, THD

Body Mat'l: Cast Iron, Bronze, WCB, CF8M


Plug Throttling Valves
Leslie Class GTW plug throttling, three-way globe valves are designed for mixing or diverting clean, dirty, viscous and corrosive liquids; high and low pressure steam; and clean, dirty and corrosive gases.

Seat, plug and stem material is 316 stainless steel. Shutoff is dependent on installed service requirements. Class II, IV or V shutoff is available on either or both of the two inner valve ports.

Bonnet options include the standard bolted configuration; an extension bonnet for extreme temperatures; a lube/ vented bonnet for purge, leak-off or lubricator connections; bellows bonnets for zero exterior leakage; and oversized bonnets when required.

A variety of packing and gasket options are offered to meet the requirements of a range of process conditions. Packing options include PTFE V-Ring, PTFE shredded, high temperature carbon graphite, PTFE aramid, graphite aramid and high temperature Inconel glass. Choices for gaskets include PTFE, high temperature carbon graphite and nitrile rubber bonded non-asbestos.

Cage Throttling Valves
The Leslie Class DOT cage throttling, 3-Way control valves provide easy maintenance and increase valve stability and trim life. Spring loaded Teflon chevron stem packing eliminates the need for periodic adjustment. The DOT features a one-piece body eliminating the conventional tail piece and extra gasketed joint.

Common applications include the circulation of water, oil, sea water, or other liquids in heating/cooling systems where there is a heat exchanger bypass control. They can also be used in blending systems and on/off selector systems.


RVK, RVD and RVB Three-Way Rotary Valves

4 - 16" Valve Sizes

Cv Range: 145 - 3500

ANSI CL 125 - 150, DIN PN10 - 16

End Conn.: RF

Body Mat'l: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze


These relatively low-cost valves are designed for bypass temperature control systems in industrial, utility and marine applications. They require very low operating forces and can be used with smaller actuators, further reducing system cost. Leslie rotary valves allow nearly twice the overall flow capacities of globe types, resulting in extremely low pressure losses and allowing the use of smaller sizes.

Superior features include smoother throttling, greater accuracy, non-fouling, non-sticking, compact size and reversible action.