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Remanufacturing, Testing and Certification

Steam is tough on regulators and controls. The combination of high temperatures, high velocity fluid streams and occasional contaminants makes for a finite service life, after which the product should be disassembled, cleaned, checked for surface quality and critical dimensions, reassembled with required new OEM manufactured parts, and fully tested for the service in which it is installed.

Many machine shops and repair facilities will attempt to service steam regulators and control valves. Unfortunately, not all of those shops are capable of returning a given component to full factory specifications. Leslie Controls operates three service centers (in California, New Jersey, and Virginia) where valves of many major manufacturers are returned to original factory specifications and given a new service warranty at a fraction of the original purchase cost. We also have an international network of Leslie licensed and trained "Red Seal" Service Centers capable of performing the same breadth and quality of service as our own service centers. Leslie is also authorized to service valves manufactured by Watts ACV, R.G. Laurence, K&M, Contromatics, and Chas. M. Bailey. In addition to handling factory repair each service center has factory trained Field Service Technicians available to provide on-site repair for equipment which cannot be readily removed from the system.

Service is a fundamental part of the Leslie operating philosophy and we urge you to request additional documentation and descriptive material.

Customer Training

Training is another part of Leslie's commitment to total service. In-depth training programs are designed to provide hands-on training in operation, instrumentation, and maintenance of all Leslie equipment. Standard or custom tailored programs are available for any size group and can be scheduled to meet your requirements. Training is conducted at one of our specially designed, fully equipped repair facilities, or if you prefer, can be performed at your location using your own equipment.

Preventative Maintenance and Turnaround Programs

A regularly scheduled maintenance program can result in maximum system performance, significant cost savings, and reduced downtime. Your Leslie Field Service Technician will work closely with you to establish a planned schedule of control equipment overhaul.

Can't afford to shut your system down for an extended period? Our Turnaround program minimized downtime for your critical systems.

Our field Service Technicians will assist you in removing equipment needing repair at a time that is convenient for you, and replace it with a fully rebuilt, reconditioned unit from our stock. These replacement units carry the same "like new" guarantee provided with all units we rebuild.

In most cases your system will be on line and back to normal in a matter of hours.


What To Do Next

Availability of Leslie Controls products is excellent. As indicated in our abbreviated product descriptions herein, most of our products can be ordered in a variety of materials, body sizes and end connections. We process your order by selecting the appropriate components, assembling the unit(s) and testing it (them) prior to packing and shipping.

Many products can be shipped within 5 working days after receipt of your order. Look for the "QD" mark. If you have a pressing need for expedited delivery, QD products can be shipped within 24 hours at a modest premium.

Leslie representatives worldwide support our QD Service by stocking product on-site. This provides local delivery commitment on a global scale.

The best beginning for your purchasing process is to contact a Leslie factory-trained representative.

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